sign-autumnWhere is the Church? St. Stephen’s is located at 3 John Street in Westborough, MA, just off of Main Street (Rt. 30), across from Westborough High School. 

What should I know about the worship services? We invite you to worship with us every Sunday. The Holy Eucharist is celebrated at both services, with music at the latter. Any baptized Christian is welcome to receive Communion. The service follows the Book of Common Prayer and we sing from a variety of hymnals. Readings and prayers are printed in the service bulletin that you receive upon entering. Please sign our guest book, located in the narthex (lobby) before you leave. All are welcome to join with the community at coffee hour in the parish hall for refreshments and fellowship. Feel free to sit anywhere (except first two rows on the left which the choir uses after Communion).  * Due to COVID, we are currently worshipping outdoors in our parking lot and we are not yet able to sing together or receive full communion. Please feel free to sign up to join us. 

Where do I park and enter the building for worship? Is it handicapped accessible? There is ample parking just beyond the building on John Street, in the church parking lot. We have one space reserved exclusively for visitors; feel free to park there. Enter the church through the main, metal double doors located on John Street, under the cross. This entrance is handicapped accessible, as is the entrance to the church office.

How will I know when to sit or stand or kneel? Episcopalians do move around a bit in worship, as we pray with our bodies as well as our words. The bulletin will let you know when people sit, kneel, or stand. Generally we say that we stand for singing, sit for readings and the sermon, and kneel for prayers, but don’t worry, we’re just happy to have you with us and we don’t mind if it takes some time to pick up on the rhythm of the liturgy.

Where are the restrooms? There is one restroom in the room at the end of the entrance hallway to the church, and a men’s, women’s, and handicap-accessible restroom are also located on the lower level. The ushers can help you find them.

Does your church practice policies and procedures to keep children safe from abuse? Yes, we practice Safe Church Policies at St. Stephen’s. The aim of this approach is to make our Church a safe place, safe for those who worship, safe for those who minister, safe for those who come in need, safe for children and safe for all who seek or serve Christ. We believe that this policy helps us live out our Baptismal covenant to respect the dignity of every human being.

Will I fit in? We’re sure you will! We are a diverse community, made of up people of all ages, from a variety of backgrounds (a number coming from other countries), with a variety of  views and opinions. At St. Stephen’s, all people are embraced as children of God, regardless of age, race, ethnic background, educational background, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

How should I dress? Dress is informal to professional, whatever you feel comfortable in. We’re just happy to have you join us!

Will I be singled out? No. We will not ask you to introduce yourself during worship or single you out during announcements or any other part of the service.

What is the church office’s phone number if I have other questions? The office phone number is (508) 366-4134. Due to COVID, please call in advance to make certain someone will be there.