Rev. Mary Rosendale, Interim Rector

The Reverend Mary Rosendale grew up in Colorado as a “cradle” Episcopalian. Mary received a BA in History from Colorado Mesa University in 2012. After graduation, she worked in an orthopedic doctors’ office in the medical billing department. She also spent three months volunteering in an orphanage in Masindi, Uganda. Mary earned her M.Div degree from Virginia Theological Seminary in 2016 and was ordained a priest that year. She moved with her husband to Massachusetts in the summer of 2016. Mary and her husband, José, have two young children, they enjoy finding God in nature, music, and church communities.


Deacon Beth WashburnDeacon

Deacon Beth Washburn is a vocational deacon of the Diocese of Western Massachusetts. She has been assigned by the Bishop to serve St. Stephen’s and the community in Westborough since her ordination in 2017. As a deacon, she is especially charged with pastoral ministry for the sick and with outreach ministries to the wider community. She can be reached at deacon@nullststeph.com.


LisaMikayla Artz, Parish Secretary

Mikayla Artz joined our parish staff in July 2019. As the Parish Secretary, she manages the office and takes care of many of the administrative tasks that go on behind the scenes at St. Stephen’s. You can contact Mikayla at the parish office at info@nullststeph.com.



Marla Farrow, Organist & Choir Director

Marla has served on staff at St. Stephen’s for over 20 years.  She oversees the music program at St. Stephen’s, plans the music for worship, coordinates special presentations by other musicians, and directs both our regular parish choir and a children’s choir. Marla has a Bachelor of Music from the University of Rhode Island, and a Master of Music from UMass Amherst. In addition to her work for the church, she teaches music at Shirley Public Schools in Shirley, Massachusetts. She can be contacted at marla.farrow@nullststeph.com.


PeterPeter Williams, Sexton

Peter recently joined our parish staff as our sexton (custodian). He helps to keep the building and grounds looking clean and inviting, and he also works with maintenance so that the facilities are in good repair. In addition to his duties here, he is also the sexton at the Baptist Church of Grafton.




Sharyn Philcox, Senior Warden
Peggy Yankee, Junior Warden & Treasurer
Jon Carlson, Stewardship

Greg Michel, Parish Clerk
Joanna Meek, Service
Sara Regan, Evangelism 

Jessica Fricker-Waldbillig, Worship 

Frank Stille, Education

Gale Mckenzie, Parish Life


In the Episcopal church, lay men and women are elected as the vestry (a pastoral council), who work with the Rector to lead the parish. Vestry members are elected for three-year terms, and Officers are elected for one-year terms. The Rector serves as the chair of the vestry.