The connection between spirituality and faith, as they relate to food’s comforting and nourishing ways, as well as to the gifts that we are so fortunate to receive, was further clarified and strengthened for several of us participating in the Worcester Fellowship’s “Thursday Café.” Following our Parish’s previous evening’s “The Theology of Food” Lenten program with Father Warren Hicks, we helped to serve the delicious entrees that he had skillfully prepared in mammoth quantities and, with his clear and warm guidance, we learned how to offer a personal fellowship to those in great need, literally and oftentimes, figuratively. This ranged from providing fresh warm socks & a bed to rest on after the hot meal to “being there” with God’s guidance when someone reached out to us.

Father Warren impressed upon us how, like all of us with our individual vulnerabilities, each person wants to be fully acknowledged for their humanity, to be heard, to be seen, to be listened to, to be appreciated, to have their stories understood, and to be nourished in all aspects.   When God provides food and clothes and shelter in an enveloping, and caring community, we all thrive. The “Thursday Café” is a beautiful illustration of such a community. Father Hicks and the Worcester Fellowship welcome our presence in the “Thursday Café” throughout the year.