Stewardship Logo - TimeSeveral years ago, St. Stephen’s had developed forms to invite members to offer up their time, talent, and treasure to the parish. Recognizing that stewardship entails more than matters of finance, the Generosity Committee has spent time during its monthly meetings this year reviewing these and has recast them as opportunities for parishioners to share their time and talents with the St. Stephen’s family. Each year’s stewardship campaign addresses the opportunity to share one’s treasure.

Briefly, we have identified five areas of opportunity. These are:

  • Opportunities to Love God
  • Opportunities to Worship God
  • Opportunities to Learn about God
  • Opportunities to Proclaim God
  • Opportunities to Work and Serve in God’s Name

In the near future an area in the church entry way will be devoted to presenting more detailed information for each of these. People who desire to find a way to share their time and talents we are encouraged to check out the links below. To find out more about any of these opportunities, contact our Parish Office.

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