This year, St. Stephen’s Church embarked on a new type of giving campaign, one that has been both fun and interactive. Our theme has been the pony express. During the last week of October and first week of November, saddlebags have been traveling the circuit around our members’ households, collecting Estimate of Giving Cards. These will help us to budget accurately for the next year by giving us an idea of what resources we will have to work with.

Even if you missed the saddlebag, you can take part virtually by filling out the Estimate of Giving form at the link below. (This is just an estimate, it can be modified at any time.) Before filling out the form, we invite you read through the Riders’ Guide manual posted below, so you can learn more about the financial operations of St. Stephen’s. Please prayerfully consider how you have been blessed by God and how you can share some of your gifts for the work of God and God’s Church.

Read our Riders’ Guide now to learn about how St. Stephen’s budget is financed:

→ Our Riders’ Guide


Estimate of Giving

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