This year, St. Stephen’s Church will celebrate its Commitment Sunday on November 13. At the services that morning completed pledge cards will be offered on the Altar, as an expression of our gratitude to our ever-giving God for all the blessings in our lives and as an symbol of dedication of ourselves, our time, talent, and our treasure to God’s service.

Please prayerfully consider your own pledge and how you can share your gifts with the church. Remember that your generous contributions help St. Stephen’s to continue the good work of sharing the good news, caring for the needy through mission and outreach, educating future generations of Christians, providing pastoral care, and welcoming all as a house of worship. Extra pledge cards are available in the parish hall, or you can pledge online at the link below.  Thank you for your prompt response. It is a big help to us as we prepare the 2017 budget.


Additionally, please note that St. Stephen’s Church does not receive funding from the Diocese but is financially self-sufficient.
Roughly 85% of our annual operating revenue comes from member pledges. To make up the remaining amount of money, we have had to organize fundraisers and subsidize special causes additional contributions for special causes (the Living Nativity, Intern Fund, etc.).
In recent years, we have made up any remaining deficit by pulling from our modest savings and investments. This year our vestry, finance committee, and Stewardship Team are striving towards a more sustainable model of budgeting and hopes that more of annual expenses will be supported by pledge income, without relying on repeated fundraisers, special collections, or using money from savings.


Or, to complete the Online Pledge Card now go to the link below:

→ ePledge Card

To learn about what pledges enable us to do, check out the document below:

→ Our Ministry and Mission booklet

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