Stewardship Logo Our Generosity Ministry Team works to develop and maintain a year-round process for stewardship education and formation for the parish. Stewardship at St Stephen’s is defined as “Using the gifts God has given us, to do the work God is calling us to do.” While the Vestry has the responsibility as stewards of all the resources of the parish, the Generosity Ministry Team shares this responsibility by bringing its knowledge and experience to bear on using the parish’s time, talent, and treasure effectively to do the work God is calling us to do. Some of the responsibilities of the Generosity Team are:

  • Present educational programs to the parish that focus on the key concepts and the key truths of stewardship, including planned giving and proportional giving
  • Help promote opportunities for using our time, talent, and treasure to contribute to the life and work of the parish
  • Develop a means to involve newcomers in the mission of St Stephen’s
  • Work with the clergy to support year-round sermons and lay testimonies that testify to lives of thankful stewards and talk about ways in which God’s Grace is experienced through generous acts of giving
  • Help deepen and understanding of legacy stewardship and its benefits for our church. A planned gift supports St Stephen’s with additional resources for future mission and ministry – everything from outreach programs to music, memorials, property maintenance or the special needs of our parish.
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