Men's Retreat, Fall 2013

On Saturday, October 19, the Saint Stephen’s Men’s Group held a retreat at the Grafton  Community Farm. It was a day of work, notify and prayer. The first thing we did was fill 314 five-pound bags of apples. There were three large boxes of apples from the orchard in Brimfield. Three of us assembled cardboard crates and inserted the bags while the rest of us filled the bags.

After this task was completed – about an hour- we assembled in the hall for the first of three study sessions which consisted of a comparison of St. Francis of Assisi and the Prodigal Son, similarities and differences, which led to some interesting insights.

Next we took our lunch break, complete with good food and great fellowship. Lunch was followed by two more study sessions. The day concluded with a discussion of how we could expand our reach to more men from the parish, surrounding churches, and  beyond.