sketch for biz cardsSt. Stephen’s is an open, welcoming, and inclusive parish of The Episcopal Church, located in Westborough. Our location in central Massachusetts also makes us part of the Diocese of Western Massachusetts, which is led by Bishop Douglas J. Fisher.

St. Stephen’s has a long history within the Westborough community. Today we are a diverse congregation, with members from a wide variety of backgrounds, ethnic heritages, ages, religious histories, and political views. We celebrate our diversity and come together to worship together as one family of God. All are welcome at St. Stephen’s, regardless of their race, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity, and all are recognized as fellow children of God.

We worship each Sunday, gathering together for liturgical worship centered in Holy Communion with the reading of Sacred Scripture, but we also are passionate about making our community and the world a better place through a number of mission and outreach endeavors.

We invite you to learn more about us and to join us. At St. Stephen’s, all are welcome, all are valued, and all are loved.